n., adj., & v.
1 any prickly bush or shrub of the genus Rosa, bearing usu. fragrant flowers generally of a red, pink, yellow, or white colour.
2 this flower.
3 any flowering plant resembling this (Christmas rose; rock rose).
4 a a light crimson colour, pink. b (usu. in pl.) a rosy complexion (roses in her cheeks).
5 a a representation of the flower in heraldry or decoration (esp. as the national emblem of England). b a rose-shaped design, e.g. on a compass card or on the sound-hole of a lute etc.
6 the sprinkling-nozzle of a watering-can or hose.
7 a circular mounting on a ceiling through which the wiring of an electric light passes.
8 a a rose diamond. b a rose-window.
9 (in pl.) used in various phrases to express favourable circumstances, ease, success, etc. (roses all the way; everything's roses).
10 an excellent person or thing, esp. a beautiful woman (English rose; rose between two thorns; not the rose but near it).
—adj. = rose-coloured 1.
— (esp. as rosed adj.) make (one's face, a snow-slope, etc.) rosy.
Phrases and idioms:
1 a tropical tree of the genus Eugenia, cultivated for its foliage and fragrant fruit.
2 this fruit. rose-bush a rose plant. rose-chafer a green or copper-coloured beetle, Cetonia aurata, frequenting roses. rose-colour the colour of a pale red rose, warm pink.
1 of rose-colour.
2 optimistic, sanguine, cheerful (takes rose-coloured views). rose comb a flat fleshy comb of a fowl. rose-cut cut as a rose diamond. rose diamond a hemispherical diamond with the curved part cut in triangular facets. rose-engine an appendage to a lathe for engraving curved patterns. rose-fish a bright red food fish, Sebastes marinus, of the N. Atlantic. rose geranium a pink-flowered sweet-scented pelargonium, Pelargonium graveolus. rose-hip = HIP(2). rose-leaf (pl.
1 a petal of a rose.
2 a leaf of a rose. rose madder a pale pink pigment. rose-mallow = HIBISCUS. rose nail a nail with a head shaped like a rose diamond. rose of Jericho a resurrection plant, Anastatica hierochuntica.
rose of Sharon
1 a species of hypericum, Hypericum calycinum, with dense foliage and golden-yellow flowers: also called AARON'S BEARD.
2 Bibl. a flowering plant of unknown identity. rose-pink = rose-colour, rose-coloured. rose-point a point lace with a design of roses. rose-red adj. red like a rose, rose-coloured.
—n. this colour. rose-root a yellow-flowered plant, Rhodiola rosea, with roots smelling like a rose when dried or bruised. rose-tinted = rose-coloured. rose-tree a rose plant, esp. a standard rose. rose-water perfume made from roses. rose-window a circular window, usu. with roselike or spokelike tracery. see through rose-coloured (or -tinted ) spectacles regard (circumstances etc.) with unfounded favour or optimism. under the rose in confidence; under pledge of secrecy. Wars of the Roses hist. the 15th-c. civil wars between Yorkists with a white rose as an emblem and Lancastrians with a red rose.
roseless adj. roselike adj.
Etymology: ME f. OE rose f. L rosa
past of RISE.

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